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infra/rdn2: update user guide for 2021.01.25 release

Update the RD-N2 platform user guide with the 2021.01.25 release tag
and the corresponding FVP version to use. There are couple of other
minor edits also included with this change.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
Change-Id: Ie33612e7330a479220181cbd297698d1f9dcfa5f
parent b1e8dc11
RD-N2 platform user guide
.. contents::
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ stack on the Fixed Virtual Platform.
Setting up the Host Machine and Syncing the software stack
Host Machine requirements and the necessary steps to be followed to sync the
software stack are listed on '`Download sources`_' page.
......@@ -49,14 +49,20 @@ folder, when asked for the install location, provide the absolute path of the
Supported Features on RD-N2 Fixed Virtual Platform
Supported Features by RD-N2 platform software stack
RD-N2 platform software stack supports the following features.
- `Busybox Boot`_.
- `Linux Distribution Boot`_.
- `WinPE Boot`_.
- `ACS Compliance Test`_.
- `UEFI Secure Boot`_.
Follow the links above for detailed information about the build and execute
steps for each of the supported features.
Release Tags
......@@ -64,21 +70,27 @@ Release Tags
Table below lists the release tags for the RD-N2 platform software stack and
the corresponding RD-N2 FVP version that is recommended to be used along
with the listed release tag.
with the listed release tag. The summary of the changes introduced and tests
validated in each release is listed in `change log`_.
| Release Tag | RD-N2 FVP Version |
| RD-INFRA-2021.01.25 | 11.13.34 |
| RD-INFRA-2020.11.30 | 11.13.10 |
*Copyright (c) 2020, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
*Copyright (c) 2020-2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
.. _Busybox Boot: docs/infra/common/busybox-boot.rst
.. _Linux Distribution Boot: docs/infra/common/distro-boot.rst
.. _WinPE Boot: docs/infra/common/winpe-boot.rst
.. _Download sources: docs/infra/common/download-sources.rst
.. _ACS Compliance Test: docs/infra/common/acs-test.rst
.. _UEFI Secure Boot: docs/infra/common/secure-boot.rst
.. _change log: docs/infra/change-log.rst
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