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infra/rdv1mc: add user guide for rd-v1-mc platform

Add the initial user guide for the RD-V1-MC platform software stack. The
user guide points to documents that provide information about obtaining
the platform software stack and using the various features it supports.
A table to list the release tags is included as well.

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......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ validated in each release is listed in `change log`_.
*Copyright (c) 2020-2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
.. _here: docs/infra/rdv1mc/readme.rst
.. _Busybox Boot: docs/infra/common/busybox-boot.rst
.. _Buildroot Boot: docs/infra/common/buildroot-boot.rst
.. _Linux Distribution Boot: docs/infra/common/distro-boot.rst
RD-V1 Quad-Chip platform software user guide
.. contents::
RD (Reference Design) is a collection of resources to provide a representative
view of typical compute subsystems that can be designed and implemented using
specific generations of Arm IP.
The "RD-V1 Quad-Chip" platform will be referred to as "RD-V1-MC" henceforth in
this document. RD-V1-MC is a quad-chip platform in which four identical chips
are connected through high speed CCIX link. The CCIX link is enabled through
CMN-650 Coherent Multichip Link (CML) feature. RD-V1-MC in particular is based
on the following hardware configuration.
- 128xMP1 Neoverse V1 CPUs
- CMN-650 interconnect
- Multiple AXI expansion ports for I/O Coherent PCIe, Ethernet, offload
- Arm Cortex-M7 for System Control Processor (SCP) and
Manageability Control Processor (MCP)
The Fixed Virtual Platform of RD-V1-MC supports a reduced configuration of the
above configuration. That is, there are a total of 16xMP1 Neoverse V1 CPUs,
4xMP1 Neoverse CPUs on each chip on RD-V1-MC FVP.
This document is a user guide on how to setup, build and run the RD-V1-MC
software stack on the Fixed Virtual Platform.
Setting up the Host Machine and Syncing the software stack
Host Machine requirements and the necessary steps to be followed to sync the
software stack are listed on '`Download sources`_' page.
Obtaining the RD-V1-MC Fast Model
The latest version of RD-V1-MC Fast Model can be requested by sending a email to
Arm at this email address: ` <>`_.
Follow the instruction in the installer and setup the FVP. Typically, the
installer will ask to create a new folder in the home directory. You can either
install the FVP in the home folder, or in the ``fastmodel/refinfra`` folder
inside the workspace. If you would like to install in the ``fastmodel/refinfra``
folder, when asked for the install location, provide the absolute path of the
Supported Features by RD-V1-MC platform software stack
RD-V1-MC platform software stack supports the following features.
- `Busybox Boot`_.
- `Linux Distribution Boot`_.
- `UEFI Secure Boot`_.
Follow the links above for detailed information about the build and execute
steps for each of the supported features.
Release Tags
Table below lists the release tags for the RD-V1 platform software stack and
the corresponding RD-V1-MC FVP version that is recommended to be used along
with the listed release tag. The summary of the changes introduced and tests
validated in each release is listed in `change log`_.
| Release Tag | RD-V1-MC FVP Version |
| RD-INFRA-2021.02.24 | 11.13.43 |
*Copyright (c) 2020-2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
.. _Busybox Boot: docs/infra/common/busybox-boot.rst
.. _Linux Distribution Boot: docs/infra/common/distro-boot.rst
.. _UEFI Secure Boot: docs/infra/common/secure-boot.rst
.. _Download sources: docs/infra/common/download-sources.rst
.. _change log: docs/infra/change-log.rst
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