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infra/changelog: update for RD-INFRA-2021.04.30 release

Update the Neoverse reference design platform software release change
log document with the details of the changes introduced in the
RD-INFRA-2021.04.30 release.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
Change-Id: I7dd50b6b1ccc9b21323d6eb190160e8874e8ac46
parent 7e6e461d
......@@ -9,6 +9,22 @@ releases. The changes introduced with each of the release is listed under the
the corresponding release tag. The release tag format is RD-INFRA-YYYY.MM.DD.
- Release targetted for RD-N2 and RD-N2-Cfg1 platform software updates.
- Introduces the support for multiple IO Macros. SMMU in the IO Macro path is
yet to be enabled.
- Toolchain version has been changed from 8.3 to 10.2 for RD-N2 and RD-N2-Cfg1
- Tests completed for RD-N2 and RD-N1-Cfg1 platforms
1. Busybox boot, Secure Boot, Distro boot, ACS tests (SBSA and SBBR).
2. WinPE boot has been removed from the list of supported features because the
IO macro support is still evolving.
- Release targetted for
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