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.. _docs/totalcompute/readme:
Total Compute Platform Software!
Total Compute is an approach to moving beyond optimizing individual IP to take a system-level solution view of the SoC that puts use cases and experiences at the heart of the designs.
Total Compute focuses on optimizing Performance, Security, and Developer Access across Arm’s IP, software, and tools. This means higher-performing, more immersive, and more secure experiences on devices coupled with an easier app and software development process.
- :ref:`change-log <docs/totalcompute/tc0/change-log>`
- :ref:`release_notes <docs/totalcompute/tc0/release_notes>`
- :ref:`user-guide <docs/totalcompute/tc0/user-guide>`
.. _docs/totalcompute/tc0/change-log:
Change Log
.. contents::
This document contains a summary of the new features, changes and
fixes in each release of TC0 software stack.
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Release notes - 2021.07.31
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.. contents::
Release tag
.. _docs/totalcompute/tc0/user-guide:
User Guide
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.. contents::
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