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infra/change-log: update change log for RD-INFRA-2021.05.27 release

Update change log for the RD-INFRA-2021.05.27 release. The platforms
that are receiving software updates as part of this release are RD-N2
and RD-N2-Cfg1. Document the changes in the software stack for these
two platforms.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
Change-Id: I222b82370437ba588a357b1e509ef347d426a666
parent 25e854cc
......@@ -9,6 +9,25 @@ releases. The changes introduced with each of the release is listed under the
the corresponding release tag. The release tag format is RD-INFRA-YYYY.MM.DD.
- Release targetted for RD-N2 and RD-N2-Cfg1 platform software updates.
- Improves the support for multiple IO Macros. SMMU in the IO macro path has
been enabled. Multiple PCIe root bridges (connedted to the various IO macros)
can be assigned to a single PCIe segment.
- Enabled the use of buildroot and virtualization tests.
- MCP ram firmware is functional on RD-N2 and RD-N2-Cfg1.
- Validated latest distro versions - Fedora 34, Debian 10.9 and Ubuntu 20.04.
- SCP, TF-A, EDKII, EDKII platforms, Linux kernel components are rebased to
the respective latest upstream master branche as on 26th May 2021.
- WinPE boot has been removed from the list of supported features because
LPI is enabled in the software stack and there are known issues with
WinPE boot when LPI is enabled.
- Tests completed for RD-N2 and RD-N1-Cfg1 platforms include Busybox boot,
Buildroot boot, Secure Boot, Distro boot, ACS tests (SBSA and SBBR) and
- Release targetted for RD-N2 and RD-N2-Cfg1 platform software updates.
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