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docs/infra: add a change-log document

Add a change log document to list the new features, important buf fixes,
improvements over previous releases, tests covered and other important
information for every release.

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Neoverse Reference Design Platform Software Releases
.. contents::
This document contains a summary of the new features, changes, fixes and known
issues in each release of the Neoverse Reference Design (RD) platform software
releases. The changes introduced with each of the release is listed under the
the corresponding release tag. The release tag format is RD-INFRA-YYYY.MM.DD.
- Rebase the RD-N2 platform software to latest upstream software.
- Adds support for ACS compliance test for RD-N2 platform.
- Adds support for UEFI secure boot on RD-N2 platform.
- RD-N2 platform software stack validated for the following
- Busybox boot
- Fedora 32 server distribution installation and boot
- Ubuntu 20.04.1 server distribution installation and boot
- Debian 10.6 server distribution installation and boot
- UEFI Secure Boot
- WinPE boot
- ACS compliance test
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