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infra/common: refresh ACS documentation

Few updates for the ACS test procedure document
  - Shell command is corrected.
  - Modified the instructions for the second phase of the test.
  - The mount command in the “retrieve the test result” session,
    file extension is missing for luv-live-image-gpt.img. Fixed
Signed-off-by: tonykn-arm's avatarTony K Nadackal <>
Change-Id: I314b9549881d89259b9ade9a79b20cfa61d30d2b
parent 05585ef6
......@@ -191,18 +191,15 @@ the tests are complete. This completes the first phase of the SBSA/SBBR tests.
To complete the second phase of the test, relaunch the model by repeating the
execution of the command listed above. Let the boot progress to the 'Grub' menu.
Choose the option 'sbbr/sbsa' from Grub menu, which will launch the EFI shell.
Press Esc key to get into the shell. UEFI SCT tests (SBBR test) are currently
not supported for the Neoverse reference design platforms because some of the
SCT tests require reboot and so it is recommended to skip the SCT tests. On
the SBSA UEFI test, the PCIe excerciser tests are also not supported as the GIC
UEFI driver does not support LPI interrupt.
Press Esc key to get into the shell. Note: This skips the UEFI SCT tests as
it is recommended to execute the UEFI SCT tests as standalone test.
At the EFI shell, execute the command listed below to execute the SBSA tests.
This command skips the excerciser tests as well.
Shell> FS<x>:EFI\BOOT\sbsa\Sbsa.efi -skip 800
Shell> EFI\BOOT\sbsa\Sbsa.efi -skip 800
The test results will be available on console as the test proceeds to
......@@ -220,7 +217,7 @@ of the command to be used to select the compliance level is listed below.
Shell> FS<x>:EFI\BOOT\sbsa\Sbsa.efi -l <y>
Shell> EFI\BOOT\sbsa\Sbsa.efi -l <y>
Here, y can be 3, 4, 5 or 6 for the SBSA compliance level.
......@@ -238,7 +235,7 @@ the first partition of ACS test suite disk image that was used for the test.
mkdir /tmp/acs-disk
sudo mount -o loop,offset=1048576 luv-live-image-gpt /tmp/acs-disk/
sudo mount -o loop,offset=1048576 luv-live-image-gpt.img /tmp/acs-disk/
The SBSA test results can be found in the folder 'sbsa_results' of this
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