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......@@ -10,6 +10,12 @@ Total Compute is an approach to moving beyond optimizing individual IP to take a
Total Compute focuses on optimizing Performance, Security, and Developer Access across Arm’s IP, software, and tools. This means higher-performing, more immersive, and more secure experiences on devices coupled with an easier app and software development process.
Instructions: Obtaining Total Compute software deliverables
* To build the TC0 software stack please refer to :ref:`user-guide <docs/totalcompute/tc0/user-guide>`
* For the list of changes and features added please refer to :ref:`change-log <docs/totalcompute/tc0/change-log>`
* For further details on the latest release and features please refer to :ref:`release_notes <docs/totalcompute/tc0/release_notes>`
TC Software Stack Overview
......@@ -36,11 +42,3 @@ Following are the Software components:
:ref:`Total Compute Platform Software Components <docs/totalcompute/sw_stack>`
Further Details
More details on building the TC0 software stack can be found below
#. :ref:`user-guide <docs/totalcompute/tc0/user-guide>`
#. :ref:`change-log <docs/totalcompute/tc0/change-log>`
#. :ref:`release_notes <docs/totalcompute/tc0/release_notes>`
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