1. 17 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      configs: rename 'platforms' directory as 'configs' · 0409dd29
      Thomas Abraham authored
      As build-scripts scales up to support platforms specfic tests, there is
      a need to create a platform specific directory to hold the platform
      specfic test build scripts. One of the ways to organize the platform
      specfic test build scripts could be as below
      		|-- build-<component1>.sh
      		|-- build-<component2>.sh
      		|-- .
      		|-- .
      		|-- build-<componentX>.sh
      		|-- build-test-TEST1.sh
      		|-- build-test-TEST2.sh
      		|-- .
      		|-- .
      		|-- build-test-TESTX.sh
      		|-- configs
      		|	|
      		|	|-- <platform1>
      		|	|-- <platform2>
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- <platformX>
      		|-- <platform1>
      		|	|
      		|	|-- <build-test-TEST1>.sh
      		|	|-- <build-test-TEST2>.sh
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- <build-test-TESTX>.sh
      		|-- <platform2>
      		|	|
      		|	|-- <build-test-TEST1>.sh
      		|	|-- <build-test-TEST2>.sh
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- .
      		|	|-- <build-test-TESTX>.sh
      		|-- <platformX>
      			|-- <build-test-TEST1>.sh
      			|-- <build-test-TEST2>.sh
      			|-- .
      			|-- .
      			|-- <build-test-TESTX>.sh
      The existing 'platforms' directory is in fact a bunch of build config
      files. So the 'platforms' directory can be renamed as 'configs'
      directory to allow adding platform specific directory under the root
      of build-scripts directory. This would help to avoid any possible
      incorrect interpretation of the purpose of the configs directory
      and the platform specific test build scripts directory.
      Change-Id: I3ca0576cfdbc7be88d2812fcda841c19c95ce8ca
      Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <thomas.abraham@arm.com>
  2. 24 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      Change to build-scripts arguments and structure · 5efa6fb5
      Dean Birch authored
      If there is only one filesystem/flavour then the -f and -t options
      become optional, and omitting them will be the same as specifying the
      only available filesystem/flavour with those flags. Also changing so
      that if there is only one platform/filesystem/flavour, then
      "./build-$COMP.sh $CMD" will work with no options (where $COMP is a
      component, or 'all' and $CMD is clean/build/package).
      Splitting the public 'platform' into the real platforms. The folder
      platforms/public no longer exists and in it's place, there are separate
      juno, tc2 and fvp.
      Changing the output directory to be "output/platform" for platforms with
      only one flavour and "output/platform/flavour" for platforms with
      multiple flavours.
      Previously, there was a huge amount of find commands to handle
      platform/filesystem/flavour detection over these 3 files. They all
      needed to be modified to ignore hidden objects, so it was a good time to
      ensure that they were abstracted.
      Change-Id: Id6054966651d39251665a960047217466c06fb88
      Signed-off-by: Dean Birch's avatarDean Birch <dean.birch@arm.com>
  3. 01 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      Merge latest ARM scripts · a4128c7e
      Ryan Harkin authored
      Merge the latest build script from ARM's internal repository.
      Taken at this SHA ID:
        035649e  2016-05-27  build-script refactor      [Sudipto Paul]
      This patch squashes down the change history from the series on the
      internal tree to this single revision.
      Change-Id: I70352fd520aa5206379bb417c6d7e93935b9f101
      Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin's avatarRyan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>