Commit 4e3fc225 authored by Vishnu Banavath's avatar Vishnu Banavath
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Merge branch 'ruisil01/corstone500-image' into 'main'

add corstone500 image

See merge request !3
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SUMARY = "Corstone500 platform Image"
DESCRIPTION = "This is the main image which is the container of all the binaries \
generated for the Corstone500 platform."
inherit core-image
inherit image-buildinfo
inherit wic_nopt
# deleting the /usr/lib/opkg/alternatives folder
# because we do not need alternative commands to what
# busybox offers. This saves around 1MB flash
remove_alternative_files () {
rm -rf ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/usr/lib/opkg
ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "remove_alternative_files;"
# package management is not supported in corstone500
IMAGE_FEATURES:remove = "package-management"
IMAGE_FEATURES += "debug-tweaks"
IMAGE_FSTYPES += "squashfs wic wic.nopt"
# images inheriting image.bbclass are forced to have do_populate_sysroot
# dependency from the recipes listed under EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS initramfs image
# doesn't need to use sysroot data provided by EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS recipes The
# code below sets the right dependency of do_image_complete task This prevents
# dependency loops
python () {
if d.getVar('IMAGE_BASENAME') == "corstone500-image":
d.setVarFlag('do_image_complete', 'depends', 'corstone500-image:do_image')
# WIC partitioning for corstone500
# Layout and maximum sizes (to be defined):
# Rawcopy of the FIP binary
part --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=fip.bin" --no-table --align 1 --fixed-size 1
# Rawcopy of the kernel binary
part --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=zImage" --no-table --fixed-size 12
# Rawcopy of the rootfs
part --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/corstone500-image-corstone500.squashfs" --no-table
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