Commit 44be8e1c authored by Jagadeesh Ujja's avatar Jagadeesh Ujja Committed by Thomas Abraham
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platforms/sgi575: create NOR2 flash image and allow model to access it

Create a NOR2 flash image and let model know about the location
of the NOR2 flash image. On SGI platforms, the nor2 flash image
is used as a secure storage of EFI variables.

Change-Id: Ica51ded207ba1c3cd627bfcd61a3cb49c84c4bfe
Signed-off-by: Jagadeesh Ujja's avatarJagadeesh Ujja <>
parent e5ea57d2
......@@ -211,6 +211,8 @@ fi
echo "NOR1 flash image: $PWD/nor1_flash.img"
create_nor_flash_image "$PWD/nor1_flash.img"
echo "NOR2 flash image: $PWD/nor2_flash.img"
create_nor_flash_image "$PWD/nor2_flash.img"
echo "Starting model "$MODEL_TYPE
......@@ -228,6 +230,8 @@ PARAMS="-C css.cmn600.mesh_config_file=\"$PATH_TO_MODEL/SGI-575_cmn600.yml\" \
-C board.flashloader0.fname=\"$OUTDIR/$FIP_IMAGE\" \
-C board.flashloader1.fname=\"$PWD/nor1_flash.img\" \
-C board.flashloader1.fnameWrite=\"$PWD/nor1_flash.img\" \
-C board.flashloader2.fname=$PWD/nor2_flash.img \
-C board.flashloader2.fnameWrite=$PWD/nor2_flash.img \
-S -R \
-C css.scp.pl011_uart_scp.out_file=${MODEL_TYPE,,}/${UART0_SCP_OUTPUT_FILE_NAME} \
-C css.pl011_uart_ap.out_file=${MODEL_TYPE,,}/${UART0_CONSOLE_OUTPUT_FILE_NAME} \
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