Commit 85681377 authored by Vivek Kumar Gautam's avatar Vivek Kumar Gautam Committed by Thomas Abraham
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rdv1mc/run_model: remove model param board0.dram

Remove the model param board0.dram from the run_model script of rdv1mc
platform. This parameter is not required and delays the platform boot.
This also causes buildroot boot to fail.

Signed-off-by: Vivek Kumar Gautam's avatarVivek Gautam <>
Change-Id: I1883c35225e5314cfb58072909a9cd42e6b3890d
parent 247639e8
......@@ -373,7 +373,6 @@ PARAMS=" \
-C css0.scp.ROMloader.fname=$OUTDIR/scp_romfw.bin \
-C css0.trustedBootROMloader.fname=$OUTDIR/$BL1_IMAGE \
-C board0.flashloader0.fname=$OUTDIR/$FIP_IMAGE \
--data board0.dram=$ROOTDIR/grub-busybox.img@0x08000000 \
-C board0.flashloader1.fname=$PWD/nor1_flash.img \
-C board0.flashloader1.fnameWrite=$PWD/nor1_flash.img \
-C board0.flashloader2.fname=$PWD/nor2_flash.img \
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