Commit 914c4bfb authored by vishwanathahg's avatar vishwanathahg Committed by Arvind Chauhan
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platform/sgi575: attach a NOR flash image to NOR1 interface

Create or use an existing 64KB NOR flag image and supply it as
the back store for the NOR1 interface.

Change-Id: I67ac67eeaa296b03e6ec2e465ddd35bf19b90d59
Signed-off-by: vishwanathahg's avatarVishwanatha HG <>
Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
parent 0e9702a9
......@@ -188,6 +188,9 @@ if [ -e $PATH_TO_MODEL_ROOT/plugins/Linux64_GCC-4.9/ ]; then
--plugin $PATH_TO_MODEL_ROOT/plugins/Linux64_GCC-4.9/"
echo "NOR1 flash image: $PWD/nor1_flash.img"
create_nor_flash_image "$PWD/nor1_flash.img"
echo "Starting model "$MODEL_TYPE
......@@ -203,6 +206,8 @@ if [ ${MODEL_TYPE,,} == "sgi575" ]; then
-C css.scp.ROMloader.fname="$OUTDIR/scp-rom.bin" \
-C css.trustedBootROMloader.fname="$OUTDIR/$BL1_IMAGE" \
-C board.flashloader0.fname="$OUTDIR/$FIP_IMAGE" \
-C board.flashloader1.fname="$PWD/nor1_flash.img" \
-C board.flashloader1.fnameWrite="$PWD/nor1_flash.img" \
-S -R \
-C css.scp.pl011_uart_scp.out_file=${MODEL_TYPE,,}/${UART0_SCP_OUTPUT_FILE_NAME} \
-C css.pl011_uart_ap.out_file=${MODEL_TYPE,,}/${UART0_CONSOLE_OUTPUT_FILE_NAME} \
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