Commit e2960172 authored by Vivek Kumar Gautam's avatar Vivek Kumar Gautam Committed by Vijayenthiran Subramaniam
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platforms/rdn2cfg1: configure PL330 DMA for non-secure mode

Configure PL330 DMA controllers behind the non-pcie io macro for
non-secure mode at boot reset.
Signed-off-by: Vivek Kumar Gautam's avatarVivek Gautam <>
Change-Id: Ib172537accb57beba7081ee83e651dc060ceb072
parent 0d73ea85
......@@ -268,6 +268,12 @@ PARAMS="--data css.scp.armcortexm7ct=$OUTDIR/scp_ramfw.bin@0x0BD80000 \
-C css.pl011_s_uart_ap.unbuffered_output=1 \
-C css.gic_distributor.ITS-device-bits=20 \
-C pcie_group_0.pciex16.hierarchy_file_name=<default> \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_0.p_controller_nsecure=1 \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_0.p_irq_nsecure=1 \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_0.p_periph_nsecure=1 \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_1.p_controller_nsecure=1 \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_1.p_irq_nsecure=1 \
-C soc.nonPCIe_devices_iomacro.pl330_dma_1.p_periph_nsecure=1 \
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