Commit e4885cf8 authored by vishwanathahg's avatar vishwanathahg Committed by Thomas Abraham
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platforms/sgi575: execute fastmodel without UI for automated tests

Allow to execute a fastmodel without an x11 support. For this, no
telnet sessions are logged onto for any of the serial connections.
This avoids a buffer filling up and blocking the model execution.

Change-Id: I309a9633b9af758bae8cdea430da53d797ad0eb0
Signed-off-by: vishwanathahg's avatarVishwanatha HG <>
parent 628642a7
......@@ -121,6 +121,24 @@ while test $# -gt 0; do
if test $# -gt 0; then
-C css.scp.terminal_uart_aon.start_telnet=0 \
-C css.mcp.terminal_uart0.start_telnet=0 \
-C css.mcp.terminal_uart1.start_telnet=0 \
-C css.terminal_uart_ap.start_telnet=0 \
-C css.terminal_uart1_ap.start_telnet=0 \
-C soc.terminal_s0.start_telnet=0 \
-C soc.terminal_s1.start_telnet=0 \
-C soc.terminal_mcp.start_telnet=0 \
-C board.terminal_0.start_telnet=0 \
-C board.terminal_1.start_telnet=0 \
-C css.pl011_uart1_ap.out_file="ap-uart1" \
-C soc.pl011_uart_mcp.out_file="soc-mcp-uart0" \
-C css.mcp.pl011_uart1_mcp.out_file="css-mcp_uar1" \
-C css.mcp.pl011_uart0_mcp.out_file="css-mcp_uar0" \
-C soc.pl011_uart1.out_file="soc-uart1" \
-C board.pl011_uart0.out_file="board-uart0" \
-C board.pl011_uart1.out_file="board-uart1""
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