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    plat: marvell: armada: make a8k_common.mk and mss_common.mk more generic · 613bbde0
    Grzegorz Jaszczyk authored
    As a preparation for upcoming support for CN9130 platform, which is
    classified as OcteonTx2 product but inherits functionality from a8k,
    allow to use a8k_common.mk and mss_common.mk from outside of
    Above is done by introducing BOARD_DIR which needs to be set by each
    platform, before including a8k_common.mk and mss_common.mk. This will
    allow to use mentioned mk files not only for platforms located under
    previously defined PLAT_FAMILY_BASE.
    Change-Id: I22356c99bc0419a40ae11e42f37acd50943ea134
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGrzegorz Jaszczyk <jaz@semihalf.com>