Commit 2736aca5 authored by Madhukar Pappireddy's avatar Madhukar Pappireddy Committed by TrustedFirmware Code Review
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Merge "xilinx: versal: fix static failure" into integration

parents 852e4940 a82b5f70
......@@ -732,7 +732,7 @@ enum pm_ret_status pm_query_data(uint32_t qid, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2,
arg2, arg3);
ret = pm_feature_check(PM_QUERY_DATA, &version);
if (PM_RET_SUCCESS == ret){
if (PM_RET_SUCCESS == ret) {
fw_api_version = version & 0xFFFF ;
if ((2U == fw_api_version) &&
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