Commit 2773536b authored by Madhukar Pappireddy's avatar Madhukar Pappireddy Committed by TrustedFirmware Code Review
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Merge "plat/arm/rdn2: update gic redistributor base address" into integration

parents 29a8814f fb86e537
......@@ -60,6 +60,6 @@
/* GIC related constants */
#define PLAT_ARM_GICD_BASE UL(0x30000000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICC_BASE UL(0x2C000000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICR_BASE UL(0x30140000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICR_BASE UL(0x301C0000)
#endif /* PLATFORM_DEF_H */
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