Commit 28b0a2bb authored by Himanshu Sharma's avatar Himanshu Sharma Committed by Sahil
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fix(n1sdp): mapping Run-time UART to IOFPGA UART0

Currently the Run-time UART is mapped to AP UART1 which is internally
routed to MCP UART1, so unsharing it from AP UART1 and mapping it to
IOFPGA UART0 for exclusiveness among the usage of the UARTs.
Signed-off-by: Himanshu Sharma's avatarHimanshu Sharma <>
Change-Id: I366740a971a880decf0d373e9055e7ebda5df53a
parent 4ac84bdb
......@@ -15,8 +15,9 @@
#define PLAT_ARM_BOOT_UART_BASE 0x2A400000
#define PLAT_ARM_BOOT_UART_CLK_IN_HZ 50000000
#define PLAT_ARM_RUN_UART_BASE 0x2A410000
#define PLAT_ARM_RUN_UART_CLK_IN_HZ 50000000
#define PLAT_ARM_RUN_UART_BASE 0x1C090000
#define PLAT_ARM_RUN_UART_CLK_IN_HZ 24000000
#define PLAT_ARM_SP_MIN_RUN_UART_BASE 0x2A410000
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