Commit 7a0f795e authored by Saurabh Gorecha's avatar Saurabh Gorecha
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plat:qti Mandate SMC implementaion

renamed smcc api with correct name  plat_is_smccc_feature_available

Change-Id: I277ece02bffc2caa065256576c1a047dfcde1c92
Signed-off-by: default avatarSaurabh Gorecha <>
parent e2c509a3
......@@ -176,14 +176,14 @@ int32_t plat_get_soc_revision(void)
* plat_smccc_feature_available() - This function checks whether SMCCC feature
* plat_is_smccc_feature_available() - This function checks whether SMCCC feature
* is availabile for the platform or not.
* @fid: SMCCC function id
* Return SMC_ARCH_CALL_SUCCESS if SMCCC feature is available and
int32_t plat_smccc_feature_available(u_register_t fid)
int32_t plat_is_smccc_feature_available(u_register_t fid)
switch (fid) {
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