Commit bdcd1bd0 authored by Pali Rohár's avatar Pali Rohár Committed by Manish Pandey
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plat: marvell: armada: a3k: Do not modify $(WTMI_IMG)

$(WTMI_IMG) is used only by $(MAKE) subprocess in $(DOIMAGEPATH) directory.
So calling truncate on $(WTMI_IMG) after $(MAKE) in $(DOIMAGEPATH) has no
effect and can just damage input file for future usage. Therefore remove
this truncate call.

Signed-off-by: default avatarPali Rohár <>
Change-Id: I9925c54c5d3d10eadc19825c5565ad4598a739a7
parent 7fc19b8e
......@@ -128,7 +128,6 @@ $(DOIMAGETOOL):
$(if $(value MV_DDR_PATH),,$(error "Platform '${PLAT}' for target '$@' requires MV_DDR_PATH. Please set MV_DDR_PATH to point to the right directory"))
${Q}${MAKE} --no-print-directory -C ${DOIMAGEPATH} WTMI_IMG=$(WTMI_IMG) MV_DDR_PATH=$(MV_DDR_PATH)
$(shell truncate -s %4 $(WTMI_IMG))
@echo "Building uart images"
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