Commit d22db1b0 authored by Pali Rohár's avatar Pali Rohár Committed by Manish Pandey
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plat: marvell: Update SUBVERSION to match Marvell's forked version

Marvell's TF-A fork has SUBVERSION set to devel-18.12.2.

The only differences between Marvell's devel-18.12.0 and devel-18.12.2
versions are documentation updates and cherry-picked patches from TF-A
upstream repository.

So upstream TF-A has already all changes from Marvell's TF-A devel-18.12.2
fork and therefore update SUBVERSION to reflect this state.

Signed-off-by: default avatarPali Rohár <>
Change-Id: I5ce946a5176a5cbf124acd8037392463d586b072
parent f20cb7e5
SUBVERSION = devel-18.12.0
SUBVERSION = devel-18.12.2
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