Commit fb86e537 authored by Vijayenthiran Subramaniam's avatar Vijayenthiran Subramaniam
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plat/arm/rdn2: update gic redistributor base address

RD-N2 platform has been updated to use six GIC ITS blocks. This results
in change in base address of the GIC Redistributor to accomodate two
new GIC ITS blocks. Update the base address of GICR to reflect the same.
Signed-off-by: Vijayenthiran Subramaniam's avatarVijayenthiran Subramaniam <>
Change-Id: I740a547328fb9a9f25d7a09c08e61bdbc8bf781c
parent 29a8814f
......@@ -60,6 +60,6 @@
/* GIC related constants */
#define PLAT_ARM_GICD_BASE UL(0x30000000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICC_BASE UL(0x2C000000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICR_BASE UL(0x30140000)
#define PLAT_ARM_GICR_BASE UL(0x301C0000)
#endif /* PLATFORM_DEF_H */
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