Commit fc8dc499 authored by Konstantin Porotchkin's avatar Konstantin Porotchkin Committed by Marcin Wojtas
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plat: marvell: armada: a3k: rename the UART images archive

Add *.bin extension to UART recovery images archive name.
Such naming will cause the UART recovery images to be copied to the
Buildroot output folder upon flash image build.

Change-Id: I6992df1ab2ded725bed58e5baf245ae92c4cb289
Signed-off-by: default avatarKonstantin Porotchkin <>
parent 270367fb
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ endif
@find . -name "*_h.*" |xargs cp -ut $(BUILD_PLAT)/$(BUILD_UART)
@mv $(subst .bin,_h.bin,$(WTMI_MULTI_IMG)) $(BUILD_PLAT)/$(BUILD_UART)/wtmi_h.bin
@tar czf $(BUILD_PLAT)/$(BUILD_UART).tgz.bin -C $(BUILD_PLAT) ./$(BUILD_UART)
@echo "Building flash image"
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