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    armv8r64-extras/demo: Add support rpmsg-demo autorun · d0c55fcd
    Robbie Cao authored
    Add support to autorun rpmsg-demo when system boot.
    The main changes are as follows:
    * Introduce a SysV-style initscript to control the starting, stopping
      and restarting of rpmsg-remote daemon.
    * Install the initscript with the help of update-rc.d class, thus
      rpmsg-remote can start automatically after system boot.
    * Introduce a configuration XEN_DOM0LESS_DOM_LINUX_DEMO_AUTORUN to
      set if autorun rpmsg-demo when building the target image.
      And config it to "1" as default for virtualization stack.
      To disable it, build the stack using the following command:
              kas build v8r64/meta-armv8r64-extras/kas/virtualization.yml
    * The autorun works only if XEN_DOM0LESS_ZEPHYR_APPLICATION is set as
    Issue-Id: SCM-4876
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobbie Cao <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJiacheng Tang <>
    Change-Id: I49b430e86828910f8a73f2be4789493692bf11a9