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doc: Clarify conditional layer dependencies on meta-arm

The layers from meta-arm are required not only when building for the N1SDP, but
also when building a virtualization image (as bundled Guest VM is generic-arm64

Issue-Id: SCM-4394
Signed-off-by: Richard Neill's avatarRichard Neill <>
Change-Id: I23e79bd98b34afa4901535d83f22ce2b129afcf9
parent 0d324666
......@@ -63,8 +63,9 @@ EWAOL depends on the following layer dependency sources:
branch: |meta-virtualization branch|
revision: |meta-virtualization revision|
When building for the N1SDP hardware target platform, the following additional
layer dependency source is required:
An additional layer dependency source is conditionally required, depending on
the specific EWAOL distribution image being built. This layer dependency source
is the ``meta-arm`` repository, which provides three Yocto layers:
.. code-block:: yaml
......@@ -74,7 +75,16 @@ layer dependency source is required:
branch: |meta-arm branch|
revision: |meta-arm revision|
The ``meta-arm`` repository provides:
The layers required from ``meta-arm`` depend on the EWAOL distribution image:
* An EWAOL virtualization distribution image requires ``meta-arm`` and
``meta-arm-toolchain``, as by default a bundled Guest VM image based on the
``generic-arm64`` ``MACHINE`` is built.
* An EWAOL distribution image built for the N1SDP hardware target platform
requires ``meta-arm``, ``meta-arm-bsp``, and ``meta-arm-toolchain``.
These layers are described as follows:
* ``meta-arm``:
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