Commit b1187101 authored by Diego Sueiro's avatar Diego Sueiro
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doc: Introduce yocto_release variable

By having the 'yocto_release' variable we reduce the information duplication in

Also, fix the URL for "link:Yocto K3s config" variable.

Issue-Id: SCM-4394
Signed-off-by: Diego Sueiro's avatarDiego Sueiro <>
Change-Id: Ic48906c82f430e14d382882d76ffc7504aecff8d
parent fbdb69e6
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
# Note the "_" which renders the substitution as a hyperlink is only possible
# because the variable is defined as a link, to be resolved as a Sphinx target.
yocto_release = "kirkstone"
yocto_doc_version = "4.0/"
yocto_linux_version = "5.15"
xen_version = "4.16"
......@@ -40,11 +41,11 @@ general_links = {
"link:Yocto Check Layer Script": f"{yocto_doc_version}singleindex.html#yocto-check-layer-script",
"link:DEFAULTTUNE": f"{yocto_doc_version}ref-manual/variables.html#term-DEFAULTTUNE",
"link:Yocto Docker config": f"{yocto_linux_version}",
"link:Yocto K3s config": f"{yocto_linux_version}",
"link:Yocto K3s config": f"{yocto_release}",
"link:Yocto Xen config": f"{yocto_linux_version}",
"link:kas build tool": f"{kas_version}/userguide.html",
"link:kas Dependencies & installation": f"{kas_version}/userguide.html#dependencies-installation",
"link:meta-arm-bsp": "",
"link:meta-arm-bsp": "{yocto_release}",
"link:xl domain configuration": f"{xen_version}-testing/man/xl.cfg.5.html",
"link:xl documentation": f"{xen_version}-testing/man/xl.1.html",
......@@ -65,20 +66,20 @@ general_links = {
layer_definitions = {
"meta-ewaol contributions branch": "``kirkstone-dev``",
"meta-ewaol contributions branch": f"``{yocto_release}-dev``",
"meta-ewaol repository": "",
"meta-ewaol repository host": "",
"meta-ewaol remote": "",
"meta-ewaol branch": "kirkstone-dev",
"poky branch": "kirkstone",
"meta-openembedded branch": "kirkstone",
"meta-virtualization branch": "kirkstone",
"meta-arm branch": "kirkstone",
"meta-ewaol branch": f"{yocto_release}-dev",
"poky branch": f"{yocto_release}",
"meta-openembedded branch": f"{yocto_release}",
"meta-virtualization branch": f"{yocto_release}",
"meta-arm branch": f"{yocto_release}",
"poky revision": "HEAD",
"meta-virtualization revision": "HEAD",
"meta-openembedded revision": "HEAD",
"meta-arm revision": "HEAD",
"layer dependency statement": "The layer revisions are related to the EWAOL ``kirkstone-dev`` branch.",
"layer dependency statement": f"The layer revisions are related to the EWAOL ``{yocto_release}-dev`` branch.",
other_definitions = {
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