Commit b7198d73 authored by Richard Neill's avatar Richard Neill
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ewaol-tests/runtime-integration-tests.bbclass: Ignore files from previous build

The bbclass processes filenames by searching within WORKDIR. However, WORKDIR
may be populated by files from a previous build, causing errors when they are

This patch instead processes the files from the installation directly, so the
filenames are always part of the current build.

Issue-Id: SCM-4394
Signed-off-by: Richard Neill's avatarRichard Neill <>
Change-Id: Ia67822ce84b525f76f44419c0850b6458bf6ed6e
parent 352101fa
......@@ -60,15 +60,16 @@ do_install() {
envsubst "${ENVSUBST_VARS}" < "${WORKDIR}/" \
> "${WORKDIR}/run-ptest"
additional_tests="$(find "${WORKDIR}" -maxdepth 1 \
additional_tests="$(find ${D}/${TEST_DIR} -maxdepth 1 \
-name *append-*.bats -printf "%f ")"
for test in ${additional_tests}; do
# Append the additional tests to the deployed test suite
# Skip the first 2 lines to omit the shebang
tail -n +3 "${D}/${TEST_DIR}/${test}" \
>> "${D}/${TEST_DIR}/${TEST_SUITE_NAME}.bats"
rm -fv "${D}/${TEST_DIR}/${test}"
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