Verified Commit c0d02662 authored by Paul Szczepanek's avatar Paul Szczepanek Committed by Vincent Coubard
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Add fixes for the AMI 1.1.0 release

Signed-off-by: Vincent Coubard's avatarVincent Coubard <>
parent 45bbe22e
......@@ -115,7 +115,13 @@ Synchronize git submodules, setup ML and apply required patches:
Install additional python dependencies required to run tests and sign binaries:
pip3 install click imgtool pytest
pip3 install click imgtool pytest cbor intelhex
Update cmake:
sudo snap refresh cmake --channel=latest/stable
Build the kws application:
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ def credentials_path(pytestconfig):
def fvp_path():
yield 'VHT-Corstone-300.x'
yield '/opt/VHT/VHT_Corstone_SSE-300_Ethos-U55'
......@@ -75,6 +75,12 @@ esac
set -x
# for AMI compatibility check if model exists in known location
if test -f "/opt/VHT/VHT_Corstone_SSE-300_Ethos-U55"; then
OPTIONS="-V $VSI_PY_PATH -C mps3_board.visualisation.disable-visualisation=1 -C mps3_board.smsc_91c111.enabled=1 -C mps3_board.hostbridge.userNetworking=1 -C cpu0.semihosting-enable=1 -C mps3_board.telnetterminal0.start_telnet=0 -C mps3_board.uart0.out_file="-" -C mps3_board.uart0.unbuffered_output=1 --stat -C mps3_board.DISABLE_GATING=1"
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