Commit 21bf440c authored by Jarkko Nikula's avatar Jarkko Nikula Committed by Wolfram Sang
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i2c: designware: Make HW init functions static

Recent i2c-designware slave support patches use master or slave HW init
functions through the function pointer so we can declare them static.

While at it, rename i2c_dw_init() as i2c_dw_init_master().

Signed-off-by: default avatarJarkko Nikula <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAndy Shevchenko <>
Tested-by: default avatarLuis Oliveira <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfram Sang <>
parent 9809cb83
......@@ -306,8 +306,6 @@ int i2c_dw_handle_tx_abort(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
u32 i2c_dw_func(struct i2c_adapter *adap);
void i2c_dw_disable(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
void i2c_dw_disable_int(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
int i2c_dw_init(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
int i2c_dw_init_slave(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
extern u32 i2c_dw_read_comp_param(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
extern int i2c_dw_probe(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ static void i2c_dw_configure_fifo_master(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
* This function is called during I2C init function, and in case of timeout at
* run time.
int i2c_dw_init(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
static int i2c_dw_init_master(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
u32 hcnt, lcnt;
u32 reg, comp_param1;
......@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@ int i2c_dw_init(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
return 0;
static void i2c_dw_xfer_init(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
......@@ -444,7 +443,7 @@ i2c_dw_xfer(struct i2c_adapter *adap, struct i2c_msg msgs[], int num)
if (!wait_for_completion_timeout(&dev->cmd_complete, adap->timeout)) {
dev_err(dev->dev, "controller timed out\n");
/* i2c_dw_init implicitly disables the adapter */
goto done;
......@@ -622,7 +621,7 @@ int i2c_dw_probe(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
dev->init = i2c_dw_init;
dev->init = i2c_dw_init_master;
dev->disable = i2c_dw_disable;
dev->disable_int = i2c_dw_disable_int;
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ static void i2c_dw_configure_fifo_slave(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
* This function is called during I2C init function, and in case of timeout at
* run time.
int i2c_dw_init_slave(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
static int i2c_dw_init_slave(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
u32 sda_falling_time, scl_falling_time;
u32 reg, comp_param1;
......@@ -168,7 +168,6 @@ int i2c_dw_init_slave(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev)
return 0;
static int i2c_dw_reg_slave(struct i2c_client *slave)
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