Commit 241e1788 authored by Alex Bennée's avatar Alex Bennée Committed by Radim Krčmář
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Makefiles: fix up the x86 build dirs and include/link paths

We still need to tell the compiler the correct search path for finding
headers and the like. This is slightly complicated by the "dynamic"
asm search path which is in our build tree but (may be) symlinked to
the right architectures headers.

Also we explicitly include SRCDIR for the linking scripts as VPATH
doesn't seem to find them well enough.

Also update OBJDIRS to include lib/x86.

Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Bennée <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRadim Krčmář <>
parent c7eb0b74
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ $(libcflat): $(cflatobjs)
$(AR) rcs $@ $^
include $(LIBFDT_srcdir)/Makefile.libfdt
$(LIBFDT_archive): CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -I lib -I lib/libfdt -Wno-sign-compare
$(LIBFDT_archive): CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -I $(SRCDIR)/lib -I $(SRCDIR)/lib/libfdt -Wno-sign-compare
$(LIBFDT_archive): $(addprefix $(LIBFDT_objdir)/,$(LIBFDT_OBJS))
$(AR) rcs $@ $^
#This is a make file with common rules for both x86 & x86-64
all: test_cases
all: directories test_cases
cflatobjs += lib/pci.o
cflatobjs += lib/pci-edu.o
......@@ -16,8 +16,10 @@ cflatobjs += lib/x86/isr.o
cflatobjs += lib/x86/acpi.o
cflatobjs += lib/x86/stack.o
OBJDIRS += lib/x86
$(libcflat): LDFLAGS += -nostdlib
$(libcflat): CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -I lib
$(libcflat): CFLAGS += -ffreestanding -I $(SRCDIR)/lib -I lib
CFLAGS += -m$(bits)
......@@ -31,8 +33,8 @@ libgcc := $(shell $(CC) -m$(bits) --print-libgcc-file-name)
.PRECIOUS: %.elf %.o
FLATLIBS = lib/libcflat.a $(libgcc)
%.elf: %.o $(FLATLIBS) x86/ $(cstart.o)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -nostdlib -o $@ -Wl,-T,x86/ \
%.elf: %.o $(FLATLIBS) $(SRCDIR)/x86/ $(cstart.o)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -nostdlib -o $@ -Wl,-T,$(SRCDIR)/x86/ \
$(filter %.o, $^) $(FLATLIBS)
%.flat: %.elf
......@@ -52,14 +54,16 @@ ifdef API
tests-common += api/api-sample
tests-common += api/dirty-log
tests-common += api/dirty-log-perf
OBJDIRS += api
test_cases: $(tests-common) $(tests)
$(TEST_DIR)/%.o: CFLAGS += -std=gnu99 -ffreestanding -I lib -I lib/x86
$(TEST_DIR)/%.o: CFLAGS += -std=gnu99 -ffreestanding -I $(SRCDIR)/lib -I $(SRCDIR)/lib/x86 -I lib
$(TEST_DIR)/realmode.elf: $(TEST_DIR)/realmode.o
$(CC) -m32 -nostdlib -o $@ -Wl,-T,$(TEST_DIR)/ $^
$(CC) -m32 -nostdlib -o $@ -Wl,-T,$(SRCDIR)/$(TEST_DIR)/ $^
$(TEST_DIR)/realmode.o: bits = 32
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