Commit 1ac5dce9 authored by Andre Przywara's avatar Andre Przywara Committed by Will Deacon
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vfio: remove unneeded test

clang complained that the comparison of an u8 variable against 256 is
somewhat pointless.

Just remove the check, as the condition will never hit.
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara's avatarAndre Przywara <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJean-Philippe Brucker <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarWill Deacon <>
parent 09533d3c
......@@ -557,11 +557,6 @@ static int vfio_pci_parse_caps(struct vfio_device *vdev)
pdev->hdr.capabilities = 0;
for (; pos; pos = next) {
if (pos >= PCI_DEV_CFG_SIZE) {
vfio_dev_warn(vdev, "ignoring cap outside of config space");
return -EINVAL;
cap = PCI_CAP(&pdev->hdr, pos);
next = cap->next;
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