Commit c10de1ca authored by Alexandru Elisei's avatar Alexandru Elisei
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vfio: pci: Don't assume that only even numbered BARs are 64bit

Not all devices have the bottom 32 bits of a 64 bit BAR in an even
numbered BAR. For example, on an NVIDIA Quadro P400, BARs 1 and 3 are
64bit. Remove this assumption.
parent 667ac704
......@@ -927,8 +927,10 @@ static int vfio_pci_configure_dev_regions(struct kvm *kvm,
/* Ignore top half of 64-bit BAR */
if (i % 2 && is_64bit)
if (is_64bit) {
is_64bit = false;
ret = vfio_pci_configure_bar(kvm, vdev, i);
if (ret)
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