Commit aabbbbaf authored by Alexandru Elisei's avatar Alexandru Elisei
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irqchip/gicv3: Spell out when pseudo-NMIs are enabled

When NMIs cannot be enabled, the driver prints a message stating that
unambiguously. When they are enabled, the only feedback we get is a message
regarding the use of synchronization for ICC_PMR_EL1 writes, which is not
as useful for a user who is not intimately familiar with how NMIs are

Let's make it obvious that pseudo-NMIs are enabled. Keep the message about
using a barrier for ICC_PMR_EL1 writes, because it has a non-negligible
impact on performance.
parent 9123e3a7
......@@ -1564,8 +1564,8 @@ static void gic_enable_nmi_support(void)
if (gic_read_ctlr() & ICC_CTLR_EL1_PMHE_MASK)
pr_info("%s ICC_PMR_EL1 synchronisation\n",
static_branch_unlikely(&gic_pmr_sync) ? "Forcing" : "Relaxing");
pr_info("Pseudo-NMIs enabled using %s ICC_PMR_EL1 synchronisation\n",
static_branch_unlikely(&gic_pmr_sync) ? "forced" : "relaxed");
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