Commit 5a994e15 authored by Mike Turquette's avatar Mike Turquette
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clk: composite: improve rate_hw sanity check logic

The function pointer population and sanity checking logic got a bit ugly
with the advent of the .determine_rate callback. Clean it up.

Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Turquette <>
parent 0c02cf2f
......@@ -226,21 +226,27 @@ struct clk *clk_register_composite(struct device *dev, const char *name,
goto err;
clk_composite_ops->recalc_rate = clk_composite_recalc_rate;
/* .round_rate is a prerequisite for .set_rate */
if (rate_ops->round_rate) {
clk_composite_ops->round_rate = clk_composite_round_rate;
if (rate_ops->set_rate) {
clk_composite_ops->set_rate = clk_composite_set_rate;
if (rate_ops->determine_rate)
clk_composite_ops->determine_rate =
else if (rate_ops->round_rate)
clk_composite_ops->round_rate =
/* .set_rate requires either .round_rate or .determine_rate */
if (rate_ops->set_rate) {
if (rate_ops->determine_rate || rate_ops->round_rate)
clk_composite_ops->set_rate =
WARN(1, "%s: missing round_rate op is required\n",
composite->rate_hw = rate_hw;
composite->rate_ops = rate_ops;
clk_composite_ops->recalc_rate = clk_composite_recalc_rate;
if (rate_ops->determine_rate ||
(rate_ops->round_rate && clk_composite_ops->set_parent))
clk_composite_ops->determine_rate = clk_composite_determine_rate;
if (gate_hw && gate_ops) {
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