Commit ba9d05d9 authored by Chanwoo Choi's avatar Chanwoo Choi Committed by Sylwester Nawrocki
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clk: samsung: exynos5410: Use samsung_cmu_register_one() to simplify code

This patch uses the samsung_cmu_register_one() to simplify code
and move the pll/mux/div/gate data to initconst section.

Signed-off-by: default avatarChanwoo Choi <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSylwester Nawrocki <>
parent 7a23fa0c
......@@ -230,29 +230,22 @@ static const struct samsung_pll_clock exynos5410_plls[nr_plls] __initconst = {
static const struct samsung_cmu_info cmu __initconst = {
.pll_clks = exynos5410_plls,
.nr_pll_clks = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5410_plls),
.mux_clks = exynos5410_mux_clks,
.nr_mux_clks = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5410_mux_clks),
.div_clks = exynos5410_div_clks,
.nr_div_clks = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5410_div_clks),
.gate_clks = exynos5410_gate_clks,
.nr_gate_clks = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5410_gate_clks),
.nr_clk_ids = CLK_NR_CLKS,
/* register exynos5410 clocks */
static void __init exynos5410_clk_init(struct device_node *np)
struct samsung_clk_provider *ctx;
void __iomem *reg_base;
reg_base = of_iomap(np, 0);
if (!reg_base)
panic("%s: failed to map registers\n", __func__);
ctx = samsung_clk_init(np, reg_base, CLK_NR_CLKS);
samsung_clk_register_pll(ctx, exynos5410_plls,
ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5410_plls), reg_base);
samsung_clk_register_mux(ctx, exynos5410_mux_clks,
samsung_clk_register_div(ctx, exynos5410_div_clks,
samsung_clk_register_gate(ctx, exynos5410_gate_clks,
samsung_clk_of_add_provider(np, ctx);
samsung_cmu_register_one(np, &cmu);
pr_debug("Exynos5410: clock setup completed.\n");
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