Commit f87dfcab authored by Stephen Boyd's avatar Stephen Boyd
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clk: qcom: mdp_lut_clk is a child of mdp_src

The mdp_lut_clk isn't a child of the mdp_clk. Instead it's the
child of the mdp_src clock. Fix it.

Fixes: 6d00b56f

 "clk: qcom: Add support for MSM8960's multimedia clock controller (MMCC)"
Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Boyd <>
parent 5b6b7490
......@@ -1117,7 +1117,7 @@ static struct clk_branch mdp_lut_clk = {
.enable_reg = 0x016c,
.enable_mask = BIT(0),
.hw.init = &(struct clk_init_data){
.parent_names = (const char *[]){ "mdp_clk" },
.parent_names = (const char *[]){ "mdp_src" },
.num_parents = 1,
.name = "mdp_lut_clk",
.ops = &clk_branch_ops,
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