Commit 0933328a authored by Joachim Eastwood's avatar Joachim Eastwood Committed by David S. Miller
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stmmac: remove unused stmmac_of_data struct

As dwmac-* drivers that need OF match have been converted
to use their own internal OF match data structure this can
now be removed.

Signed-off-by: default avatarJoachim Eastwood <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent f529f182
......@@ -274,8 +274,6 @@ capability register can replace what has been passed from the platform.
Please see the following document:
and the stmmac_of_data structure inside the include/linux/stmmac.h header file.
4.11) This is a summary of the content of some relevant files:
o stmmac_main.c: to implement the main network device driver;
o stmmac_mdio.c: to provide mdio functions;
......@@ -125,22 +125,4 @@ struct plat_stmmacenet_data {
void (*exit)(struct platform_device *pdev, void *priv);
void *bsp_priv;
/* of_data for SoC glue layer device tree bindings */
struct stmmac_of_data {
int has_gmac;
int enh_desc;
int tx_coe;
int rx_coe;
int bugged_jumbo;
int pmt;
int riwt_off;
void (*fix_mac_speed)(void *priv, unsigned int speed);
void (*bus_setup)(void __iomem *ioaddr);
void *(*setup)(struct platform_device *pdev);
void (*free)(struct platform_device *pdev, void *priv);
int (*init)(struct platform_device *pdev, void *priv);
void (*exit)(struct platform_device *pdev, void *priv);
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