Commit f40be47a authored by Ido Schimmel's avatar Ido Schimmel Committed by David S. Miller
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mlxsw: spectrum_router: Do not force specific configuration order

In symmetric routing, the only two members in the VLAN corresponding to
the L3 VNI are the router port and the VXLAN tunnel.

In case the VXLAN device is already enslaved to the bridge and only
later the VLAN interface is configured, the tunnel will not be

The reason for this is that when the router interface (RIF)
corresponding to the VLAN interface is configured, it calls the core
fid_get() API which does not check if NVE should be enabled on the FID.

Instead, call into the bridge code which will check if NVE should be
enabled on the FID.

This effectively means that the same code path is used to retrieve a FID
when either a local port or a router port joins the FID.

Signed-off-by: default avatarIdo Schimmel <>
Acked-by: default avatarJiri Pirko <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPetr Machata <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 6eea2db2
......@@ -387,6 +387,10 @@ int mlxsw_sp_bridge_vxlan_join(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
void mlxsw_sp_bridge_vxlan_leave(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
const struct net_device *vxlan_dev);
struct mlxsw_sp_fid *mlxsw_sp_bridge_fid_get(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
const struct net_device *br_dev,
u16 vid,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
extern struct notifier_block mlxsw_sp_switchdev_notifier;
/* spectrum.c */
......@@ -7260,11 +7260,15 @@ static struct mlxsw_sp_fid *
mlxsw_sp_rif_vlan_fid_get(struct mlxsw_sp_rif *rif,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack)
struct net_device *br_dev = rif->dev;
u16 vid;
int err;
if (is_vlan_dev(rif->dev)) {
vid = vlan_dev_vlan_id(rif->dev);
br_dev = vlan_dev_real_dev(rif->dev);
if (WARN_ON(!netif_is_bridge_master(br_dev)))
return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL);
} else {
err = br_vlan_get_pvid(rif->dev, &vid);
if (err < 0 || !vid) {
......@@ -7273,7 +7277,7 @@ mlxsw_sp_rif_vlan_fid_get(struct mlxsw_sp_rif *rif,
return mlxsw_sp_fid_8021q_get(rif->mlxsw_sp, vid);
return mlxsw_sp_bridge_fid_get(rif->mlxsw_sp, br_dev, vid, extack);
static void mlxsw_sp_rif_vlan_fdb_del(struct mlxsw_sp_rif *rif, const char *mac)
......@@ -7363,7 +7367,7 @@ static struct mlxsw_sp_fid *
mlxsw_sp_rif_fid_fid_get(struct mlxsw_sp_rif *rif,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack)
return mlxsw_sp_fid_8021d_get(rif->mlxsw_sp, rif->dev->ifindex);
return mlxsw_sp_bridge_fid_get(rif->mlxsw_sp, rif->dev, 0, extack);
static void mlxsw_sp_rif_fid_fdb_del(struct mlxsw_sp_rif *rif, const char *mac)
......@@ -2386,6 +2386,20 @@ void mlxsw_sp_bridge_vxlan_leave(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
struct mlxsw_sp_fid *mlxsw_sp_bridge_fid_get(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
const struct net_device *br_dev,
u16 vid,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack)
struct mlxsw_sp_bridge_device *bridge_device;
bridge_device = mlxsw_sp_bridge_device_find(mlxsw_sp->bridge, br_dev);
if (WARN_ON(!bridge_device))
return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL);
return bridge_device->ops->fid_get(bridge_device, vid, extack);
static void
mlxsw_sp_switchdev_vxlan_addr_convert(const union vxlan_addr *vxlan_addr,
enum mlxsw_sp_l3proto *proto,
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