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    Merge branch 'hugepage-fallbacks' (hugepatch patches from David Rientjes) · edf445ad
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Merge hugepage allocation updates from David Rientjes:
     "We (mostly Linus, Andrea, and myself) have been discussing offlist how
      to implement a sane default allocation strategy for hugepages on NUMA
      With these reverts in place, the page allocator will happily allocate
      a remote hugepage immediately rather than try to make a local hugepage
      available. This incurs a substantial performance degradation when
      memory compaction would have otherwise made a local hugepage
      This series reverts those reverts and attempts to propose a more sane
      default allocation strategy specifically for hugepages. Andrea
      acknowledges this is likely to fix the swap storms that he originally
      reported that resulted in the patches that removed __GFP_THISNODE from
      hugepage allocations.
      The immediate goal is to return 5.3 to the behavior the kernel has
      implemented over the past several years so that remote hugepages...
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