Commit 2eb0964e authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson Committed by Jani Nikula
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drm/i915: Restore relaxed padding (OCL_OOB_SUPPRES_ENABLE) for skl+

This bit was fliped on for "syncing dependencies between camera and
graphics". BSpec has no recollection why, and it is causing
unrecoverable GPU hangs with Vulkan compute workloads.

From BSpec, setting bit5 to 0 enables relaxed padding requirements for
buffers, 1D and 2D non-array, non-MSAA, non-mip-mapped linear surfaces;
and *must* be set to 0h on skl+ to ensure "Out of Bounds" case is

Reported-by: default avatarJason Ekstrand <>
Suggested-by: default avatarJason Ekstrand <>
Fixes: 8424171e

 ("drm/i915/gen9: h/w w/a: syncing dependencies between camera and graphics")
Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Wilson <>
Tested-by: default avatar <>
Cc: Jason Ekstrand <>
Cc: Mika Kuoppala <>
Cc: <> # v4.1+
Reviewed-by: default avatarMika Kuoppala <>

(cherry picked from commit 9d7b01e93526efe79dbf75b69cc5972b5a4f7b37)
Signed-off-by: default avatarJani Nikula <>
parent bb1a71f9
......@@ -308,11 +308,6 @@ static void gen9_ctx_workarounds_init(struct intel_engine_cs *engine,
/* Syncing dependencies between camera and graphics:skl,bxt,kbl */
if (!IS_COFFEELAKE(i915))
/* WaEnableYV12BugFixInHalfSliceChicken7:skl,bxt,kbl,glk,cfl */
/* WaEnableSamplerGPGPUPreemptionSupport:skl,bxt,kbl,cfl */
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