Commit 46526c15 authored by Bartosz Golaszewski's avatar Bartosz Golaszewski Committed by Linus Walleij
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gpio: mockup: fix debugfs handling

The debugfs routines returning pointers can return NULL or error codes
embedded with ERR_PTR(). Check the return values with IS_ERR_OR_NULL().

While we're at it: make the error message more specific so it's not
confused with the one emitted when the top-level gpio-mockup debugfs
directory creation fails.

Signed-off-by: default avatarBartosz Golaszewski <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Walleij <>
parent 1cea4734
......@@ -183,11 +183,11 @@ static void gpio_mockup_debugfs_setup(struct device *dev,
devname = dev_name(&gc->gpiodev->dev);
chip->dbg_dir = debugfs_create_dir(devname, gpio_mockup_dbg_dir);
if (!chip->dbg_dir)
if (IS_ERR_OR_NULL(chip->dbg_dir))
goto err;
link = debugfs_create_symlink(gc->label, gpio_mockup_dbg_dir, devname);
if (!link)
if (IS_ERR_OR_NULL(link))
goto err;
for (i = 0; i < gc->ngpio; i++) {
......@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ static void gpio_mockup_debugfs_setup(struct device *dev,
evfile = debugfs_create_file(name, 0200, chip->dbg_dir, priv,
if (!evfile)
if (IS_ERR_OR_NULL(evfile))
goto err;
dev_err(dev, "error creating debugfs directory\n");
dev_err(dev, "error creating debugfs event files\n");
static int gpio_mockup_name_lines(struct device *dev,
......@@ -336,7 +336,7 @@ static int __init gpio_mockup_init(void)
num_chips = gpio_mockup_params_nr / 2;
gpio_mockup_dbg_dir = debugfs_create_dir("gpio-mockup-event", NULL);
if (!gpio_mockup_dbg_dir)
if (IS_ERR_OR_NULL(gpio_mockup_dbg_dir))
gpio_mockup_err("error creating debugfs directory\n");
err = platform_driver_register(&gpio_mockup_driver);
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