Commit 59f08896 authored by Nathan Chancellor's avatar Nathan Chancellor Committed by Dan Williams
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libnvdimm/nfit_test: Fix acpi_handle redefinition

After commit 62974fc3 ("libnvdimm: Enable unit test infrastructure
compile checks"), clang warns:

In file included from
warning: redefinition of typedef 'acpi_handle' is a C11 feature
typedef void *acpi_handle;
../include/acpi/actypes.h:424:15: note: previous definition is here
typedef void *acpi_handle;      /* Actually a ptr to a NS Node */
1 warning generated.

The include chain:

iomap.c ->
    linux/acpi.h ->
        acpi/acpi.h ->

Avoid this by including linux/acpi.h in nfit_test.h, which allows us to
remove both the typedef and the forward declaration of acpi_object.


Signed-off-by: default avatarNathan Chancellor <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIra Weiny <>

Signed-off-by: default avatarDan Williams <>
parent cf387d96
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
#ifndef __NFIT_TEST_H__
#define __NFIT_TEST_H__
#include <linux/acpi.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/uuid.h>
#include <linux/ioport.h>
......@@ -202,9 +203,6 @@ struct nd_intel_lss {
__u32 status;
} __packed;
union acpi_object;
typedef void *acpi_handle;
typedef struct nfit_test_resource *(*nfit_test_lookup_fn)(resource_size_t);
typedef union acpi_object *(*nfit_test_evaluate_dsm_fn)(acpi_handle handle,
const guid_t *guid, u64 rev, u64 func,
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