Commit 79ee0e87 authored by Dave Martin's avatar Dave Martin

KVM: arm64: BTI: Reset BTYPE when skipping emulated instructions

Since normal execution of any non-branch instruction resets the
PSTATE BTYPE field to 0, so do the same thing when emulating a
trapped instruction.

Branches don't trap directly, so we should never need to assign a
non-zero value to BTYPE here.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Martin <>
parent 85cf8095
......@@ -452,8 +452,10 @@ static inline void kvm_skip_instr(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu, bool is_wide_instr)
if (vcpu_mode_is_32bit(vcpu))
kvm_skip_instr32(vcpu, is_wide_instr);
else {
*vcpu_pc(vcpu) += 4;
*vcpu_cpsr(vcpu) &= ~(u64)PSR_BTYPE_MASK;
/* advance the singlestep state machine */
*vcpu_cpsr(vcpu) &= ~DBG_SPSR_SS;
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