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    firewire: nosy: misc cleanups · b5e47729
    Stefan Richter authored
    Extend copyright note to 2007, c.f. Kristian's git log.
      - replace some <asm/*.h> by <linux/*.h>
      - add required indirectly included <linux/spinlock.h>
      - order alphabetically
    Coding style related changes:
      - change to utf8
      - normalize whitespace
      - normalize comment style
      - remove usages of __FUNCTION__
      - remove an unnecessary cast from void *
    Const and static declarations:
      - driver_name is not const in pci_driver.name, drop const qualifier
      - driver_name can be taken from KBUILD_MODNAME
      - the global variable minors[] can and should be static
      - constify struct file_operations instance
    Data types:
      - Remove unused struct member struct packet.code.  struct packet is
        only used for driver-internal bookkeeping; it does not appear on the
        wire or in DMA programs or the userspace ABI.  Hence the unused
        member .code can be removed without worries.
    Preprocessor macros:
      - unroll a preprocessor macro that containd a return
      - use list_for_each_entry
      - add missing terminating \n in some format strings
    Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Richter <stefanr@s5r6.in-berlin.de>