Commit 1a00df4a authored by Akinobu Mita's avatar Akinobu Mita Committed by Pekka Enberg
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slub: use get_track()

Use get_track() in set_track()

Signed-off-by: default avatarAkinobu Mita <>
Cc: Christoph Lameter <>
Cc: Pekka Enberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPekka Enberg <>
parent 6047a007
......@@ -374,14 +374,8 @@ static struct track *get_track(struct kmem_cache *s, void *object,
static void set_track(struct kmem_cache *s, void *object,
enum track_item alloc, unsigned long addr)
struct track *p;
if (s->offset)
p = object + s->offset + sizeof(void *);
p = object + s->inuse;
struct track *p = get_track(s, object, alloc);
p += alloc;
if (addr) {
p->addr = addr;
p->cpu = smp_processor_id();
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