Commit 2de6a3c7 authored by Ryan Ding's avatar Ryan Ding Committed by Linus Torvalds
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ocfs2: return the physical address in ocfs2_write_cluster

To support direct io in ocfs2_write_begin_nolock & ocfs2_write_end_nolock.

Direct io needs to get the physical address from write_begin, to map the
user page.  This patch is to change the arg 'phys' of
ocfs2_write_cluster to a pointer, so it can be retrieved to write_begin.
And we can retrieve it to the direct io procedure.

Signed-off-by: default avatarRyan Ding <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJunxiao Bi <>
Cc: Joseph Qi <>
Cc: Mark Fasheh <>
Cc: Joel Becker <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 46e62556
......@@ -1596,7 +1596,7 @@ out:
* Prepare a single cluster for write one cluster into the file.
static int ocfs2_write_cluster(struct address_space *mapping,
u32 phys, unsigned int new,
u32 *phys, unsigned int new,
unsigned int clear_unwritten,
unsigned int should_zero,
struct ocfs2_alloc_context *data_ac,
......@@ -1605,9 +1605,10 @@ static int ocfs2_write_cluster(struct address_space *mapping,
loff_t user_pos, unsigned user_len)
int ret, i;
u64 v_blkno, p_blkno;
u64 p_blkno;
struct inode *inode = mapping->host;
struct ocfs2_extent_tree et;
int bpc = ocfs2_clusters_to_blocks(inode->i_sb, 1);
if (new) {
u32 tmp_pos;
......@@ -1641,7 +1642,7 @@ static int ocfs2_write_cluster(struct address_space *mapping,
ocfs2_init_dinode_extent_tree(&et, INODE_CACHE(inode),
ret = ocfs2_mark_extent_written(inode, &et,
wc->w_handle, cpos, 1, phys,
wc->w_handle, cpos, 1, *phys,
meta_ac, &wc->w_dealloc);
if (ret < 0) {
......@@ -1649,26 +1650,23 @@ static int ocfs2_write_cluster(struct address_space *mapping,
if (should_zero)
v_blkno = ocfs2_clusters_to_blocks(inode->i_sb, cpos);
v_blkno = user_pos >> inode->i_sb->s_blocksize_bits;
* The only reason this should fail is due to an inability to
* find the extent added.
ret = ocfs2_extent_map_get_blocks(inode, v_blkno, &p_blkno, NULL,
ret = ocfs2_get_clusters(inode, cpos, phys, NULL, NULL);
if (ret < 0) {
mlog(ML_ERROR, "Get physical blkno failed for inode %llu, "
"at logical block %llu",
(unsigned long long)OCFS2_I(inode)->ip_blkno,
(unsigned long long)v_blkno);
"at logical cluster %u",
(unsigned long long)OCFS2_I(inode)->ip_blkno, cpos);
goto out;
BUG_ON(p_blkno == 0);
BUG_ON(*phys == 0);
p_blkno = ocfs2_clusters_to_blocks(inode->i_sb, *phys);
if (!should_zero)
p_blkno += (user_pos >> inode->i_sb->s_blocksize_bits) & (u64)(bpc - 1);
for(i = 0; i < wc->w_num_pages; i++) {
int tmpret;
......@@ -1725,7 +1723,7 @@ static int ocfs2_write_cluster_by_desc(struct address_space *mapping,
if ((cluster_off + local_len) > osb->s_clustersize)
local_len = osb->s_clustersize - cluster_off;
ret = ocfs2_write_cluster(mapping, desc->c_phys,
ret = ocfs2_write_cluster(mapping, &desc->c_phys,
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