Commit 69917da7 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://

Pull arm64 fixes from Will Deacon:
 "There's a kaslr fix and then two patches to update our native and
  compat syscall tables. Arnd asked that we take the addition of statx
  to the asm-generic unistd.h via arm64, as he didn't have anything
  queued in the asm-generic tree.


   - Fix mapping of kernel image under certain kaslr offsets

   - Hook up new statx syscall in asm-generic syscall table

   - Update compat syscall table to match arch/arm/ (pkeys and statx)"

* tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://
  arm64: kaslr: Fix up the kernel image alignment
  arm64: compat: Update compat syscalls
  generic syscalls: Wire up statx syscall
parents e8fe23ff afd0e5a8
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
#define __ARM_NR_compat_cacheflush (__ARM_NR_COMPAT_BASE+2)
#define __ARM_NR_compat_set_tls (__ARM_NR_COMPAT_BASE+5)
#define __NR_compat_syscalls 394
#define __NR_compat_syscalls 398
......@@ -809,6 +809,14 @@ __SYSCALL(__NR_copy_file_range, sys_copy_file_range)
__SYSCALL(__NR_preadv2, compat_sys_preadv2)
#define __NR_pwritev2 393
__SYSCALL(__NR_pwritev2, compat_sys_pwritev2)
#define __NR_pkey_mprotect 394
__SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_mprotect, sys_pkey_mprotect)
#define __NR_pkey_alloc 395
__SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_alloc, sys_pkey_alloc)
#define __NR_pkey_free 396
__SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_free, sys_pkey_free)
#define __NR_statx 397
__SYSCALL(__NR_statx, sys_statx)
* Please add new compat syscalls above this comment and update
......@@ -131,11 +131,15 @@ u64 __init kaslr_early_init(u64 dt_phys, u64 modulo_offset)
* The kernel Image should not extend across a 1GB/32MB/512MB alignment
* boundary (for 4KB/16KB/64KB granule kernels, respectively). If this
* happens, increase the KASLR offset by the size of the kernel image.
* happens, increase the KASLR offset by the size of the kernel image
* rounded up by SWAPPER_BLOCK_SIZE.
if ((((u64)_text + offset + modulo_offset) >> SWAPPER_TABLE_SHIFT) !=
(((u64)_end + offset + modulo_offset) >> SWAPPER_TABLE_SHIFT))
offset = (offset + (u64)(_end - _text)) & mask;
(((u64)_end + offset + modulo_offset) >> SWAPPER_TABLE_SHIFT)) {
u64 kimg_sz = _end - _text;
offset = (offset + round_up(kimg_sz, SWAPPER_BLOCK_SIZE))
& mask;
......@@ -730,9 +730,11 @@ __SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_mprotect, sys_pkey_mprotect)
__SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_alloc, sys_pkey_alloc)
#define __NR_pkey_free 290
__SYSCALL(__NR_pkey_free, sys_pkey_free)
#define __NR_statx 291
__SYSCALL(__NR_statx, sys_statx)
#undef __NR_syscalls
#define __NR_syscalls 291
#define __NR_syscalls 292
* All syscalls below here should go away really,
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