Commit 939ada5f authored by Dave Jiang's avatar Dave Jiang Committed by Jon Mason
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ntb: ntb_hw_intel: link_poll isn't clearing the pending status properly

On Skylake hardware, the link_poll isn't clearing the pending interrupt
bit.  Adding a new function for SKX that handles clearing of status bit the
right way.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Jiang <>
Fixes: 783dfa6c

 ("ntb: Adding Skylake Xeon NTB support")
Signed-off-by: default avatarJon Mason <>
parent 8fcd0950
......@@ -1629,6 +1629,28 @@ static void atom_deinit_dev(struct intel_ntb_dev *ndev)
/* Skylake Xeon NTB */
static int skx_poll_link(struct intel_ntb_dev *ndev)
u16 reg_val;
int rc;
ndev->self_mmio +
rc = pci_read_config_word(ndev->ntb.pdev,
if (rc)
return 0;
if (reg_val == ndev->lnk_sta)
return 0;
ndev->lnk_sta = reg_val;
return 1;
static u64 skx_db_ioread(void __iomem *mmio)
return ioread64(mmio);
......@@ -2852,7 +2874,7 @@ static struct intel_b2b_addr xeon_b2b_dsd_addr = {
static const struct intel_ntb_reg skx_reg = {
.poll_link = xeon_poll_link,
.poll_link = skx_poll_link,
.link_is_up = xeon_link_is_up,
.db_ioread = skx_db_ioread,
.db_iowrite = skx_db_iowrite,
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