Commit fa17ed06 authored by David Sterba's avatar David Sterba
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btrfs: drop bdev argument from submit_extent_page

After previous patches removing bdev being passed around to set it to
bio, it has become unused in submit_extent_page. So it now has "only" 13

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Sterba <>
parent a019e9e1
......@@ -2929,7 +2929,6 @@ struct bio *btrfs_bio_clone_partial(struct bio *orig, int offset, int size)
* a contiguous page to the previous one
* @size: portion of page that we want to write
* @offset: starting offset in the page
* @bdev: attach newly created bios to this bdev
* @bio_ret: must be valid pointer, newly allocated bio will be stored there
* @end_io_func: end_io callback for new bio
* @mirror_num: desired mirror to read/write
......@@ -2940,7 +2939,6 @@ static int submit_extent_page(unsigned int opf, struct extent_io_tree *tree,
struct writeback_control *wbc,
struct page *page, u64 offset,
size_t size, unsigned long pg_offset,
struct block_device *bdev,
struct bio **bio_ret,
bio_end_io_t end_io_func,
int mirror_num,
......@@ -3077,7 +3075,6 @@ static int __do_readpage(struct extent_io_tree *tree,
u64 block_start;
u64 cur_end;
struct extent_map *em;
struct block_device *bdev;
int ret = 0;
int nr = 0;
size_t pg_offset = 0;
......@@ -3243,7 +3240,7 @@ static int __do_readpage(struct extent_io_tree *tree,
ret = submit_extent_page(REQ_OP_READ | read_flags, tree, NULL,
page, offset, disk_io_size,
pg_offset, bdev, bio,
pg_offset, bio,
end_bio_extent_readpage, mirror_num,
......@@ -3431,7 +3428,6 @@ static noinline_for_stack int __extent_writepage_io(struct inode *inode,
u64 block_start;
u64 iosize;
struct extent_map *em;
struct block_device *bdev;
size_t pg_offset = 0;
size_t blocksize;
int ret = 0;
......@@ -3531,7 +3527,7 @@ static noinline_for_stack int __extent_writepage_io(struct inode *inode,
ret = submit_extent_page(REQ_OP_WRITE | write_flags, tree, wbc,
page, offset, iosize, pg_offset,
bdev, &epd->bio,
0, 0, 0, false);
if (ret) {
......@@ -3857,7 +3853,6 @@ static noinline_for_stack int write_one_eb(struct extent_buffer *eb,
struct extent_page_data *epd)
struct btrfs_fs_info *fs_info = eb->fs_info;
struct block_device *bdev = fs_info->fs_devices->latest_bdev;
struct extent_io_tree *tree = &BTRFS_I(fs_info->btree_inode)->io_tree;
u64 offset = eb->start;
u32 nritems;
......@@ -3892,7 +3887,7 @@ static noinline_for_stack int write_one_eb(struct extent_buffer *eb,
ret = submit_extent_page(REQ_OP_WRITE | write_flags, tree, wbc,
p, offset, PAGE_SIZE, 0, bdev,
p, offset, PAGE_SIZE, 0,
0, 0, 0, false);
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